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Black History Month Reflections

As the second month of 2020 comes to a close, I reflect on moments of literacy and learning in Black History. The past few weeks have been filled with guest readers, assemblies, biographical reports and projects, door decorating contests, and revisiting the accomplishments of the many African Americans that have made major contributions to our nation. Students of all ages have engaged in various learning experiences and have been fortunate to hear many read alouds based on the lives of famous African Americans. These literacy opportunities provide children of color the chance to learn about and see people in books that reflect their families and the faces of their communities.

As a bridge to equity,these same opportunities enhance the lives of children from other backgrounds and cultures by introducing them to lives they may never have a chance to explore otherwise. I imagine children sitting on carpets, in auditoriums, and huddled around teachers. I see their eyes light up with wonder, imagination, excitement, and amazement. I hear the voices of vibrant and passionate readers, sharing stories of the lives of inventors, musicians, educators, politicians,

activists, and more.

As I reflect on this month, I reflect on the many hours of reading and hearing stories that bring a sense of pride and joy to all. This month is another reason to fall in love with reading and to share that love with others.

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