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Music and Literacy, a Beautiful Collaboration

Enjoy the soothing musical talents while learning about children's stories through the works of Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. Here are the details.

Assembly: “Believe in Yourself, Follow Your Dreams” Integrating Music and Literacy to Develop a Positive Self Image-Character

Education Join LIAT and JERMY as they entertain their way through an interactive

assembly featuring the books of Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. FEE for ASSEMBLY: $375. Per show-45 minutes $700 for 2

shows AM/PM BOOKS and plush toys are sold separately from Usborne Books and More They include:

Jonathan James and the WhatIf Monster Dogs, Dogs Cats, Cats Bob is a Unicorn

Dog and Mouse Cordelia

Listen to the Music at:

Contact: JANE AROCHAS, 856-669-9016 to set up an assembly and pre-order books. Lesson plans with activities will be sent upon request.

EAST COAST TOUR: DATES AVAILABLE: March 19-23 March 26-30th, 2018

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