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Power in the Word

by Shalonda Archibald, NJLA Board Member

Affirmations are statements that can provide emotional support or encouragement. Daily affirmations have been a major part of my emotional wellness journey. At one point I had affirmations written on post-it notes stuck on my mirrors, my bulletin boards in my office, inside the covers of my books/notebooks/journals, and on the dashboard of my car. Name a space I more than likely had an affirmation posted there.

I found the following list of affirmations in a notebook that I use for my meeting notes while cleaning my office.

Archibald’s Workplace Affirmations

I am a difference maker!

I am an agent of change!

I am light!

I am the example!

I am love!

I have the tools, resources, and expertise to successfully do this job!

I am a dazzling literacy educator in any capacity!

Affirmations can be written as ‘I AM’ statements, or declarations, or as simple, short reminders such as these:

Be graceful!

Be patient!

Be flexible!

Be responsive!

Be a problem solver!

Friends, I encourage you to use affirmations to cultivate a positive, growth mindset even amidst difficult situations. Writing and reciting affirmations has helped me to rewire my former negative, self-sabotaging thought patterns and create thought patterns that are more conducive to my emotional health and well-being. I’d love to hear about your experience using affirmations. Please share on Twitter @born_to_educate.

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