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Social Media Tips & Tricks

by Lindsay Bernero, NJLA Board Member

With the ever-changing algorithms and rules that social media enforces and provides, small businesses and creators are forever changing their ways to reach engagement and followers. At times, it can be positive for creators, however, those who want to make an impact have to shift and change their ways of communication. Social media platforms are all the rage especially during the pandemic. We used social media to escape and for motivation during these trying times. Sometimes we have to ask media...friend or foe? Here are some things I am learning as I navigate the world of social media.

  • Stay consistent with the times that you post. Pay attention to the times and dates.

  • Post more videos and Reels. Instagram is moving from a picture platform to a video platform similar to Tik Tok. Videos are ENTERTAINING. Do not put Tik Tok videos with the watermark stamp on Instagram. It is competition and will not win the exposure of the platform.

  • Make sure you share the Reels/Videos/Photos on all platforms: Twitter/Stories on Facebook & Instagram, and Feed.

  • Hashtags are your best friend. Use hashtags to be discovered on Social Media Platforms! Make sure you use the right ones for your content that you post.

  • Stay within your “niche” and audience.

  • Build your relationships with them! Always engage in comments made by followers. The social media platform will pick up on this and your exposure will grow. Leave meaningful comments on other creator’s pages as well!

  • Have fun and don’t take it so seriously. I’ve quit twice and realized that people actually MISSED my content. Everyone was so happy when I decided to come back. Following these few tips, I’ve gained over 2,000 new followers

Using social media is a great way to make connections with other educators, gurus in the literacy field, and even authors and illustrators. We encourage you to get out there and give it a try!

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