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EdCamp Newark

Over the weekend, NJLA Board Member and President, Kenny Kunz and Lindsay Bernero attended the EdCamp Newark Professional Development day. It was filled with networking and new learning experiences.

Keynote speaker Principal Kafele was inspiring and motivating throughout the day. He posed the question, are you an “on the job teacher” or an “on a mission” teacher, which really moved the crowd. We became intrigued by Paul O’Neill’s presentation of conflict in leadership roles. His quote, “to be outstanding in your field, you must be willing to stand out in a field”, led educators and administrators to question their purpose and motives.

Neel Desai presented the importance of digital networking and how effective it can be. He discussed hashtags in education, expanding on Personal Learning Networks, and building Twitter accounts. Contributors to this session began networking immediately and discussing the upcoming EdCamp in New Brunswick, EdChats, and more!

Kenny and Lindsay presented information about NJLA’s purpose and future plans to enhance literacy around the state. They discussed breaking through “the block” and what a rich literacy environment should incorporate. They discussed techniques and ideas that could enhance student’s knowledge of vocabulary in the classroom and attendees left with best practices that they could incorporate in their classrooms.

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