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An Ode to Women's History Month

by Eugenia Cooley, NJLA Board Member

Women are…

Woven and intertwined blends of strength, great minds, strong wills, working 9 to 5 and beyond,

Often overlooked hidden figures in the foundation of our history’s blueprint,

Miracle workers that seek to inspire others to excel and exceed their expectations,

Entrepreneurs confidently succeeding in a league of their own,

Natural-born freedom writers that control the narratives of their legacies.

Women’s History Month is a time to observe the contributions made by women in our nation. Their stories are written on the pages of many books, just waiting to be read and shared. Across classrooms, teachers are introducing new faces, biographies, and inspirational messages during this time. Let’s not limit the exposure of these talented, brave, and motivating women to just one month of the year. The attached list of recommended books may help to get one started. It is believed that by reading about the greatness of women, others, especially young girls are inspired to set and accomplish goals.

If you're looking for classroom activities with a connection to Women's History Month, check out our YouTube channel! There you'll find wonderful read alouds by our New Jersey Literacy Association Board members featuring inspiring stories about women in our history.


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