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Read Across America Picks - Day 6

by Gina Schiano, NJLA Board Member

With Read Across America swiftly approaching, the NJLA Board is highlighting stories that you can share with children in classrooms or at home. Here's today's selection, Thank You, Omu by Oge Mora. This picture book is a Caldecott Honor and inspired by the strong women in the author's life.

MMMMMM…..what could possibly smell so delicious? Following the scrumptious smell of simmering stew, people from all over the neighborhood come one by one to have a taste. Soon, Omu’s huge pot of delicious stew is empty! What will Omu do? In this beautiful and heartwarming story, written AND illustrated by Oge Mora, sharing and community come to life. You will love sinking your teeth into this delightful story of friendship and giving.


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