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Read Across America Picks - Last Day!

by Ken Kunz, NJLA Board Member

Happy Read Across America Day! We hope that you have enjoyed learning about some of our favorite books this week. To close out our list of recommendations, readers will fall in love with the story Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don't) by Barbara Bottner.

Teachers: Have you ever felt like you were cheerleading the joys of reading to a stadium of unmotivated, tired, or perhaps reluctant fans? If so, then this is the perfect book for you and your students! I am drawn to this title because of its easy access on Kindle Cloud Reader (I often can’t wait for the book to arrive in the mail) and how it tells the story of a child who finds her voluminous reading librarian quite vexing. In fact, she is so annoyed by her librarian's move to a new town! Will they make it out of town in time to avoid falling in love with reading? Check out the story and find out for yourself!


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