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The Benefits of an Adult Book Club

by Lindsay Bernero, NJLA Board Member

During the pandemic that hit last March, many of us faced a high ridden anxiety feeling. Having this mutual feeling amongst friends that are teachers came in actually handy. A group of my friends decided to start a book club to help distract our anxiousness and take our minds to another place in time. Over the course of the year, we have read around 10 books. We would Zoom and discuss the events and feelings taking place in the novels. We would be able to laugh and enjoy an hour of our hectic days. In the summer, we would be able to meet outdoors safely following the CDC guidelines. This book club eventually, turned into a family. We were able to becoming informed about global situations that are occurring around the world and improved our cultural awareness. Many of us were able to step outside our comfort zones. It also helped many of us reduce stress, fall asleep at night, and fight depression symptoms. I highly recommend finding yourself a group of pals to start this beautiful adventure with.

The Benefits of Adult Book Clubs:

  • It gives you a push to finish

  • Decreases stress

  • Gain new friends and sense of community

  • Gains new perspectives

  • Boosts teamwork skills

  • Snacks are provided

Recommended Books:

  • American Dirt

  • The Girl Who Lived

  • The Silent Patient

  • Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

  • The Guest List

  • The Woman in Cabin 10

  • The Woman in the Window

  • The Whisper Man


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